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Open for Pedestrian/Vehicle Traffic
Scuba Bridge Up

Everett Engineering, Inc. is starting a new design/build project for the SCUBA BRIDGE™. This bridge's design is to be fully submersible and easily adaptable for many waterway applications. The beauty of it is that when the bridge needs to be moved for water traffic it will fully submerse and be completely out of the way. Raising and lowering by use of winches can be accomplished in a variety of ways depending on the situation and location of the SCUBA BRIDGE™.

In locations where a SCUBA BRIDGE™ would work, its advantages are impressive:

  • Lower cost than a traditional bridge.
  • Lower maintenance.
  • Visually more attractive.
  • Few parts for greater reliability. Trouble-free!
  • Less energy to operate.
  • Fast open to close cycle.

Work is underway on two unique prospects.

Closed for Pedestrian/Vehicle Traffic
Scuba bridge down