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Field Services

Field Service Image

In addition to a full service custom machine and fabrication shop, Everett Engineering, Inc. also has complete field machining and welding capabilities. Are field capabilities include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Small to large turning, facing, and boring
  • Line boring
  • Portable milling, bed type
  • Keycutting
  • Drilling
  • Precision alignment
  • Assembly
  • Erection
  • Millwrighting
  • On-board ship repair
  • Troubleshooting
  • Equipment installation

Some of our Field Services . . .

Taper Boring
Taper Boring Image
We have several boring bars for turning taper bores (pictured above). We also have a machine for broaching larger taper keyways.
Squirrel Turning
Squirrel Turning Image
This is the process of turning the end of a shaft in position without having to remove it from your facility.
Combination Machining
Combination Machining
In this instance we are boring and facing at the same time. This is for the propulsion drive on an aluminum boat. This is another of the machines that we designed and built for a particular application.
Horizontal Facing
Vertical Facing Image
Facing can occur in the horizontal or the vertical position. In this picture we are cutting the mounting face for an Azimuth drive in a fire support boat.
Bed Mills
Bed Mills Image
We have several types of bed mills that allow us bring some of the shop milling abilities into the field.
Load Testing
Load Testing Image
We have calibrated load cells on site ranging from 5000 lbs. up to 150 ton. We also assist in the performance of bollard pull tests for boats requiring ABS certification.
Keyway Machining
Keyway Machining
Field machining of keyways can be in most positions and can be in some hard to get at locations.
Field Machinery Replacement
Field Machinery Replacement
These gears, pictured on the right, were made to replace the gears, aged at over 100 years of service, pictured on the left on the. They are scheduled to be installed soon.
Field Welding and Cutting
Field Welding and Cutting
We have equipment and personnel certified for cutting and welding in the field.
Horizontal Line Boring
Horizontal Line Boring
Line boring of stern tubes is one of our more common boring jobs. We have bars ranging from 1-1/2" to 6" for most line boring applications.
Vertical Boring
Vertical Boring Image
Most of our boring bars can be installed in a vertical application, we also have several smaller machines for jobs of a nature where we have limited access.
Vertical Facing
Horizontal Facing Image
We have several machines that were designed and built for facing purposes such as cutting the face of the stern tube for the installation of a new seal carrier.
Torsional Shaft Testing
Torsional Shaft Testing Image
This is data collected from the torsional stress applied to a rotating shaft during the opening and closing of a Bascule type bridge. Testing equipment is applied without any delay in any operation of the bridge and data collected during normal operation through radio signals and no direct connected wires.
Field Assembly
Field Assembly
This bridge center turntable was fabricated and test assembled and the disassembled and reassembled in position.
Portable Machinery Image
  • Spider Facing Machines - Small 2" to 24" dia. pipe, Large 30" to 60" dia. pipe
  • Facing Machines - 10", 38", and 200" that can slip over an 80" dia. pipe with an 8-jaw chuck
  • Portable Milling Machines - Bed facing, key cutting, and slotting
  • Squirrel Journal - Turning shaft journals
  • Wachs Saw - Cut and bevel pipe, 10" to 60" diameter
  • Portable Boring Bars
  • Portable Line Boring Equipment
  • Hydraulic Huck Riveting Equipment
  • Hydraulic Torque Wrench Equipment
  • Hydraulic Mag Drill Equipment
  • Load cells - 125 ton & 150 ton

Most of the above machines can be adapted special applications or we can design and build a machine for you special project.